Garden Coaching

Michael's Iphone Photos 598Whether you are a novice or an avid gardener, sometimes you may need an extra word of encouragement or a boost of inspiration.  Garden coaching can help you tackle some of the questions you might have about your garden. What is that plant? How do I take care of it? What’s wrong with that plant? Which plants are in the right place and worth keeping and which ones should I remove?  You may want to know how to take care of a lawn or need advice on how to establish and maintain different types of gardens (vegetable garden, fruit, cutting, rose, etc.), or advice on pruning existing trees and shrubs. Garden coaching takes on many forms and we are flexible in adapting to the needs and schedules of our clients.  We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience to inspire and encourage people to value gardens and plants.  Contact us for more information on how this service may benefit you.